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Virtual Flight Training Centre, Moscow     The Virtual Flight Training Centre (VFTC), Moscow, was established in January, 2001 as an informal public organization of the aviation simulators fancies. The purpose of the organization was set to organize online flights in Moscow PC games clubs on the Flanker 2.5 aviation simulator which models modern Russian military aircrafts Su-27, Su-33 and MiG-29K.
    VFTC staff has developed and introduced its own flight training program, based on the training techniques and methods of the real military flight training schools and the Russian Air Force units. The program allows to train effectively both virtual pilots without any preliminary experience of flight and the experienced ones.
    For more than 4 years of our activity, the VFTC pilots has taken part in three Russian Championships on Flanker and won the most of the competitions. The VFTC has its own virtual aerobatics team, which performs demonstration flights in formations similar to the real aerobatics teams such as The Russian Knights, The Swifts (Strizhi) and The Russ. The pilots of our aerobatics team has had the experience of the live virtual air-shows at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2003 (August, 2003), at the opening ceremony of the 1st Russian Computer Games Cup (May, 2004), and at the 1st International Aerobatics Teams Festival, (August, 2004).
    Currently the air crew of the VFTC is mastering the new aviation simulator LockOn 1.1: Flaming Cliffs which is the sequel of the legendary PC aviation simulators line Flanker.
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